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Geus who loves to take pictures.

Did we mention that we both love to eat?


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Wednesday, January 24, 2007
Persian Palate

persian palate

3rd Floor
Ayala Entertainment Center

Middle Eastern Food / Vegetarian Food

Geus - 3/5

- - - -
Everybody knows that the safest Middle Eastern Food to order is Kebab and so we ordered just that.

Persian Palate's Chello Kebab has two slices of grilled meat over rice.  The grilled meat was not on stick though.  It just looks like longanissa and tastes like one too.  Whenever I order kebab, it's always on stick and the meat is minced or cut into little pieces and not ground like this one so it was a little surprising.  It still tastes good.  Chello, as I've found out, is rice cooked in a traditional way and topped with butter, egg, potato, and yogurt.  The rice was cooked just like normal fried rice.  I didn't notice any egg or potatoes.  There was definitely no yogurt and the butter was placed on top of the kebab.  It still tasted good but it did not taste distinctly Middle Eastern.

chello kebab

We also ordered Veggie Adobo - veggie meat cooked adobo style.  I like this better than the Chello Kebab.  It reminds me of Bodhi in SM North Edsa that we always went to years back.  The dish does not taste like your normal adobo since it's not as sour as I would like it to be but it still is good.

veggie adobo

We also ordered Soya Mango (good!), Apple Soya (I could not taste the apple or maybe they forgot to put it), and Iced Tea (tasted ordinary).

The place was a little crowded.  It was a good thing the waitress who served us reserved a corner table for us.  It was another good thing that the occupants of the corner table left before our orders came so we were able to transfer.  The decor does not really make you feel like you're in a Middle Eastern or Vegetarian restaurant and I think the owners can still do a lot to make the ambience better. 

For the dishes we've ordered, we paid Php 300.

Nyss - I'll be back for more veggie meat meals. 
Geus - It seems like i'll be shifting to veggies. but i still need to check the other dishes.


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