KAON TA! means "Let's Eat!" in Hiligaynon

This blog does not give technical review
of restaurants we go to.

It merely chronicles the dining experience
of two Bacolenos working in Cebu -

Nyss who loves to write and

Geus who loves to take pictures.

Did we mention that we both love to eat?


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Monday, January 29, 2007


Across Sarrosa Hotel
Mabolo Cebu
Tel.No.: 2337858
Filipino Dishes

Nyss - 3/5
Geus - 4/5

I expected a long buffet table so I was surprised when I saw just a small table of food.  There were less than 10 dishes so I thought to myself, is this all worth it?
They had two kinds of rice, garlic and plain rice.  They had a seashell soup which tasted okay.  They had mangga with bagoong.  The green mango was too sour for me but the bagoong was cooked just right.  They also had dilis (fried anchovies).  They have chicken wrapped in either banana leaf or lemon grass - I am not too sure.  All I am sure of is it tasted very, very good.  They also had crab meat omelette served in crab shell.  I couldn't taste the crab since there were too much flour and egg.  They also served mixed vegetable cooked in coconut milk.  It was surprisingly good.  It reminds me of pinakbet without the bagoong taste.  It was a good thing that they served vegetables but it would've been better if there were at least two vegetable dishes.  Their lechon kawali was also good.  It's not too oily which is a plus.  They cooked the oysters in two ways: (1) baked in butter and topped with cheese and (2) steamed/boiled.  Their baked oyster didn't look and taste like it was bake.  It was as if they took some of their boiled oysters, put butter and let it melt and topped it with cheese.  I can't complain though because it still tasted good.

baked talaba

native chicken

crab meat omelette

lechon kawali

water melon

They only 4 choices in the dessert table:  Sago at Gulaman (which was too sweet), Pineapple, Watermelon, and Suman.  I like the suman.  It was just right for my taste.
They have lanterns made of cloth which reminds me of the tiangges in Boracay but it added to the "native" feel of the restaurant.  The seats and tables were made of bamboo and the restaurant is like one giant nipa hut.

the ambience

the place

The waiters were not that attentive though.  It took a while for them to ask what we want for drinks.  I also do not like the fact that they gave us receipt that does not have the details of our order.  And frankly, the receipt did not look like it's an official receipt.
But it's a good thing that they allowed Geus to take pictures of the food and the place.
Buffet cost Php 152.00. 
Drinks cost a whopping Php 40.
Nyss - The food was great but I think it's not worth the price I paid for.  Our friend from Manila was amazed at how cheap it was in there though.
Geus - Baked Talaba and Lechon Kawali? plus eat-all-you-can? Worth it.

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