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This blog does not give technical review
of restaurants we go to.

It merely chronicles the dining experience
of two Bacolenos working in Cebu -

Nyss who loves to write and

Geus who loves to take pictures.

Did we mention that we both love to eat?


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Monday, February 19, 2007


#39-B Pres. Roxas St.,
Corner Cong. Noel St.,
Villa Aurora, Kasambagan,
Cebu City
Bangus Belly
Nyss - 2/5
Geus - 2/5
We did not order their specialty mainly because we were with my sister who likes sisig so we settled with their Bangus Sisig.  I did not like it one bit.  It was served on a metal dish that is normally used for sisig dishes to give it the "sizzling" effect but our bangus sisig did not "sizzle" at all.  I tried to salvage the taste by adding calamansi but it still failed my expectations.  The sisig I am used to is usually meat (fish/pork) accompanied by lots and lots of onions and chili peppers (depending on how hot you want it to be) but their bangus sisig did not have enough onions and did not have any chili peppers at all.  Well maybe we need to request it or something?  I think they should've asked how we wanted our sisig - spicy, medium spicy, or not spicy.
We also ordered their Lechon Kawali.  They served the lechon kawali with pechay (Chinese Cabbage) and sauce probably made of soy sauce and fish sauce combined.  I think it defeats the purpose of eating lechon kawali.  I expected the lechon kawali to be crispy but because of the pechay and the sauce, it became soggy.
When we asked them for sawsawan (dipping sauce), they just gave us Pinakurat.  I love Pinakurat but I think the restaurant owners can still add their signature style to the sawsawan by adding chopped onions or sili (peppers) maybe?
Maybe at the time we went there they ran out of onions hence the simple sawsawan and the onion-deprived sisig.
They serve red rice which is one good thing since it adds to the native feel of the restaurant.
It's nice that this restaurant tries to be different with the dishes they are serving but I agree with the writer of the blog Our Awesome Planet (http://anton.blogs.com/) when he said that the food they serve has identity crisis.
The ambience is perfect for dates - that I can say.  It's a house they converted into a restaurant and a showroom for jewelry, furniture, and kitchen decors which added a native feel to the place.  When you enter the place, you'll first see the food they sell which came from different places (Napoleones, Barquillos, Mango Tart from Bacolod, Durian from Davao).  I overheard the owner say that they try to bring in food from different places in the Philippines.  I think the idea is nice but the food they sell is a little pricey (90 pesos for barquillos).
The service was good since the waitresses were all friendly and were smiling all the time.  They let us roam around the place and looked at their displays.
The owner though does not want pictures of the place taken.  She asked Geus if he was a photography enthusiast and Geus said that he usually takes pictures of restaurants we go to and write about it.  She even asked Geus if he is a restaurant owner.  Maybe she was afraid that he will copy their "unique" recipe or something.

the ambience

120 Php for the Bangus Sisig
125 for the Lechon Kawali
30 for the Iced Tea and Softdrink in can
I think I can find a restaurant that serve better food for the price.

Although I find the food expensive based on the taste, I was able to find cheap treasures there.
I bought two necklaces worth Php 40 each.  Not bad considering that this can sell as much as 10 dollars in the US.

the goodies
Nyss - I don't like the dishes but I think the ambience is perfect for dates.  I might go there one more time and try out their specialty (Pinakbet and Bangus Belly) and give them one more chance to change my view about them. 
Geus - I like the place but unfortunately the owner doesn't want us to take pictures for security reasons.  The food is ok but not cheap. Btw, they also serve FREE san carlos peanut. =)

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