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This blog does not give technical review
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It merely chronicles the dining experience
of two Bacolenos working in Cebu -

Nyss who loves to write and

Geus who loves to take pictures.

Did we mention that we both love to eat?


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Wednesday, April 25, 2007
Casa Verde

casa verde


69 Ranudo Extension in Ramos
Near Velez General Hospital

Baby Back Ribs

Nyss 4/5
Geus - 3/5

A Casa Verde dining experience won't be complete without trying their famous specialty, the Brian's Baby Back Ribs.  The serving size is big, the meat tender, and the sauce concocted just right for everyone's taste.

baby back ribs

We also ordered their Simply Shrimp which was supposed to be a sizzling dish but unfortunately did not sizzle.  I like the sauce they used but it was too bland for Geus.  They put in lots and lots of onions and bell pepper strips but it did not add much to the taste.

sizzling shrimps

The rice they served smelled like it was burnt.  But other than that we actually enjoyed the food and finished everything in less than 30 minutes.

Years ago they still served iced tea in a fishbowl but I could not find that in the menu anymore so I settled for Lemonade.  Unfortunately their lemonade is just made of instant lemonade juice powder that anyone can buy in the supermarket.  

The place is an old house converted into a restaurant which makes the ambience quite homey.  When you go there, it's just like going to your Lola's place to have a taste of her newly cooked meal.

view from outside

We were seated at the smoking section because the non-smoking section was already full.  Even though the sun was scorching hot outside, their non-smoking section was still surprisingly cool.  We would've wanted to sit in the area under the trellis but it was already taken by a couple who brought their Labrador with them.

view from inside

garden view

The service was fast.  In 10 minutes, our order arrived.  The waitress was attentive although it would've been better if she smiled once in a while.

Sizzle It Simply Shrimp Php 123.00
Brian's Baby Back Ribs with garlic rice or mashed potato Php 128.00
Bottled Coke Php 25.00
Lemonade Php 28.00

Nyss - I'll definitely go back for more baby back ribs.  I'll have to try their peppered sausage next.
Geus - More back ribs for me also.

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