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This blog does not give technical review
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It merely chronicles the dining experience
of two Bacolenos working in Cebu -

Nyss who loves to write and

Geus who loves to take pictures.

Did we mention that we both love to eat?


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Thursday, March 19, 2009
Chateau de Busay

Lower Busay Hills, Nivel Hills, Lahug
Cebu City, Cebu
Tel. No.: (032) 231-2000

American / Filipino
Nyss - 2/5
Geus - 2/5

Neptune Seafood Platter for 2.

Geus and I went on a date to Chateau De Busay and with luck, we found a meal ideal for a date.  The Neptune Seafood Platter for 2 consists of two plates of steamed rice, calamari (fried squid rings), prawn topped with a slice of lemon, grilled fish, mussels, and buttered corn, carrot, and green beans.

Before they served us the main dish, they served bread and butter for free.  It would've been better had they asked us what bread we would like but that is asking for too much.  The bread is free and it tasted better than pan de sal so I was still happy.

When our main dish arrived, our expectations were high.  We were paying a little bit more than what we normally pay for seafood in Chateau De Busay, so naturally, we thought that our food would taste good.

We love seafood so it was a little bit disappointing that the food did not taste as well as we expected it to taste.  The batter used for the calamari lacked salt.  The prawn lacked flavoring.  The mussels tasted like steamed mussels even if they already added spice to it.  And the buttered vegetable clearly lacked the buttery taste it so needed.  The only saving grace for the meal was the grilled tangigue (Spanish Mackerel) with onions and tomato.  When I eat, I want to enjoy the food as served.  I don't want to add pepper or salt to whatever I eating.  I noticed though that in the United States, most American restaurants serve food that is bland and adding flavor (through the ever present salt and pepper) is left to the customers.  Maybe this is also the reason why Chateau De Busay's food is not as flavorful as we Filipinos like our food to be.

I have to admit though that the serving size was more than enough for one person.  However, the serving size does not matter that much as long as the food tastes well.

Geus and I ordered Frozen Iced Tea.  It was nothing extraordinary and we were glad that the price we paid for it was also not too high.

When Geus and I arrived for dinner on a Saturday, there was still a wedding going on in the garden area.  Since we opted to sit outside, we could hear all of the program's proceedings.  That is why, if you want to be on a romantic dinner date, it's better to ask first if there is a scheduled wedding.  I love weddings but watching a wedding's reception uninvited is not my cup of tea.

Our servers were a man and a woman, middle-aged, and rarely smiling.  They, however, were attentive to all our needs.  This made us think that they may have been working in Chateau for a long time already.

The restaurants decoration is perfect for a romantic date.  The ambience (when there is no wedding reception taking place) is also perfect.  You could see the Cebu City lights and it adds to the romance in the air.

The place is around 45 minutes drive from Cebu City proper.  There is also very limited public transportation so if you want to go here, be prepared to spend a lot for taxi if you do not have a car.  Most people would make the taxi driver wait after they have finished eating so that they will still have a ride back.  If you do this, please also remember to order food for the taxi driver.  Or better yet, drop by Jollibee and order take-out food for him.

As I have said several times, the place is perfect for a romantic date or even a proposal.  Just make sure that no wedding is taking place and just don't get your hopes up on the food.

Neptune Seafood Platter for 2 Php 550.00
Frozen iced Tea Php 55.00

Nyss - I will probably go back just to enjoy the view.  I will order their specialty next time because I am hoping for a better dining experience to go with the view.
Geus - I give my two points to the venue. For the food, maybe we ordered the incorrect one.

Posted at 12:58 am by nyssj
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