KAON TA! means "Let's Eat!" in Hiligaynon

This blog does not give technical review
of restaurants we go to.

It merely chronicles the dining experience
of two Bacolenos working in Cebu -

Nyss who loves to write and

Geus who loves to take pictures.

Did we mention that we both love to eat?


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Friday, March 04, 2011
Co Jordan Talaba/Bangus


Sun-ok, Tayud, Consolacion, Cebu
(032) 511-0932


Nyss 4/5
Geus - 4/5

We have always loved seafood and from time to time we crave for an all-seafood meal.
To satisfy our cravings, we went to Co Jordan Talaba/Bangus in Consolacion. It is not that far from Mandaue. It was only a mere 8-kilometer ride for us. Their Shrimps in Garlic is cooked in Royal. I think they added flour to make the sauce thicker. It is delicious but not as delicious as the one I tasted in Bacolod. If you are not into sweet food, then this dish is not for you.


We also ordered squid cooked Adubao style. In this style of cooking, the squid is cooked in its black ink without vinegar. I had to ask a Cebuano friend what the difference between adobo and adubao is. Apparently, they do not have a dish called squid adobo in Cebu.


As a side dish, I ordered Guso Salad. This type of seaweed called Eucheuma is abundant in Cebu and very cheap too. It took me a lot of tries before I finally learned to love this dish. But I would choose this dish over cucumber salad anytime because of its crunchiness and the way it absorbs the vinegar.


Speaking of vinegar, the vinegar they serve in Co Jordan is not sour enough for my taste. I want my vinegar to be like Bacolod's sinamak especially when I am eating it with oyster or talaba. But I am not complaining since the Talaba in this restaurant is very cheap.



Going to Co Jordan is like going to a town fiesta.
The place has nipa huts where you can have a party or a small get-together.
If you stay at the nipa huts that are situated over the water, you will be paying extra.

co-jordan co-jordan co-jordan 

The place has a smorgasbord of activities. If you want your kids to play video games, you can leave them near the cashier area. If you want to rent a videoke/karaoke machine, you can.

co-jordan co-jordan

If you want to go boating and catch your own fish, you can. All of these you can do at a low price.


Ordering though is a challenge. There is no system of first-come first serve. Whoever has the loudest voice or the most scary aura would probably be the one to be served first. What you can do is to make sure that you catch the attention of one of the attendants and be patient about reminding her that it should be your turn to order.

co-jordan co-jordan

I also do not like the Karaoke machines. There are far too many of them. And listening to an amateur singer belting out April Boy Regino's tunes may make other people lose their appetite. If you know how to shut out the sounds, then you're good to go.

Boating 200 / 2 hours
Talaba (cooked) 45 / kilo
Squid (Adubao Style) 340 / kilo (You can order 1/3 good for 2 people)
Shrimp (Garlic Style) 450 / kilo (You can order for 2 people)
Guso Salad 20
Rice 7
Coke 8 Oz. - 20

Nyss I will be back for the food. But I will just pray that when I arrive, there will be no one using the Karaoke Machines.
Geus - Nice place to hang-out with family & friends, Food are freshly served. Will definitely comeback and try fishing.


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