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Geus who loves to take pictures.

Did we mention that we both love to eat?


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Monday, October 08, 2007
Spice Fusion

Spice Fusion


Unit 105 Banilad Town Center

Cebu City
Tel. No.: 344-2923

Asian Fusion


Nyss 4/5
Geus - 4/5

We have been hearing lots of raves about this place since the time it opened but we never did have the time to go there.  Last Saturday, we were finally able to go there.

The place was crowded when we arrived.  Luckily, the friendly security guard was able to find us a table.  

I ordered Kung Pao Squid.  Geus ordered Curry Prawn.  And to be consistent with our "seafood only" theme, we also ordered their seafood fried rice.

The seafood rice was too oily and there were just small bits of squid and shrimp.

Seafood Rice

I liked the Kung Pao Squid though because squid meat was tender.  I tried to research what sauce they used and I found out that the original recipe for Kung Pao came from China and Kung Pao Squid dish was derived from Kung Pao Chicken.  The sauce that they used is composed of unsalted roasted peanuts, red bell peppers, sherry or rice wine, hoisin sauce, oyster sauce, and chili pepper.  I did not taste peanut at all in Spice Fusion's version of Kung Pao Chicken.  I also think they put too much oyster sauce making the taste a little bit salty.  Geus did not like the smell of this dish.  I did not mind the not-so-appetizing smell because as I have said I was wowed with the squid meat's tenderness.

Kung Pao Squid

The Curry Prawn was nothing extra ordinary.  It tastes just like any other curry dish.  The plus side though is that in one order you'd get at least 6 medium-sized prawns so at least with this you are getting your money's worth.  Other than the prawns and the sauce, you won't find anything else in the dish.  There are no vegetables, not much onion, and no garnishes at all.

Curry Prawn

The dishes they served could've looked more appetizing if they know how to make them more presentable.  I wish that when we go back next time, we'd see some kind of effort in terms of dish preparation.

I also expected that they serve roti, or Indian bread usually eaten with curry, for free since we ordered curry but apparently you would have to pay for it.

The food took about 20 minutes to arrive and it was fast considering the number of diners they had during that time.

The waitresses were friendly and helpful.

I also have to write about their security guard.  Usually, you would just see the security guard standing by the door but Spice Fusion's guard acted like a manager.  He was attentive to the needs of the customers and he was the one who followed up with the waiters/waitresses about the orders.

Spice Fusion, The Place

We were supposed to sit inside but the place was too small and we would literally be rubbing elbows with the occupants of the next table if we opted to stay in the table given to us.  So we decided to just stay outside and we were thankful we did because it was unbelievably noisier inside than outside.  We suggest that you go there early to get a better table.

Kung Pao Squid Php 180.00
Curry Prawn Php 280.00
Seafood Fried Rice Php 130.00
Coke in Can Php 50.00

12% VAT is already included in their listed price.

Nyss   I cannot help but compare the food to Lemon Grass.  I think Lemon Grass' food is better than Spice Fusion.

Geus - Love the food, the place is ok, the service is outstanding.

Posted at 10:27 pm by nyssj
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