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of two Bacolenos working in Cebu -

Nyss who loves to write and

Geus who loves to take pictures.

Did we mention that we both love to eat?


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Tuesday, May 15, 2007
La Maison

La Maison


2nd Level
Ayala Entertainment Center
Ayala Mall, Cebu City

European Cuisine

Nyss – 4.5/5
Geus - 4/5

Outside the restaurant, just before you go in, is a big sign advertising the Dover Sole Fish Fillet.  When we asked the ever friendly waitress for her recommendation, she suggested that we try the Dover Sole Fish Fillet.  One waiter's t-shirt also had a Dover Sole Fish Fillet recommendation printed on it.  So of course we tried the dish and we were not disappointed.  It was really good.  They advertise it as a melt-in-your-mouth dish and although it does not literally melt in your mouth, it almost does.  The fish was very tender.  It was cooked in butter but it did not taste too oily or too bland.  The presentation of the dish was also very good.

La Maison also advertises their Barkada Ribs and we also tried that.  The meat was also tender but the sauce was quite ordinary.  It does not differ much from the ribs of other less expensive restaurants.  A little bit of Tabasco and more barbeque sauce added more flavor to the dish.

The serving size of the dishes was big and each dish can be good for 2 to 3 persons.

Their plain rice is unlimited and at 25 pesos, it is already fairly inexpensive.  You can also choose mixed vegetables or mashed potatoes among others as your side dish.

Looking through the menu, we were tempted to try out the Crème Brulee and the Crepe Ala Maison but we were already so full.  We promised to go back there just to try out the desserts.  We are pretty sure that we won't be disappointed.  Just the description of the desserts makes my mouth water already.

Crème Brulee with vanilla whipped cream and caramelized crust

Crepe Ala Maison – Caramelized banana and jackfruit topped with Choco Syrup and Mint Leaves

They printed this sign on the menu:

"Your satisfaction we guarantee, any dish you don't like is on us."

No wonder they're quiet brave to put this sign. They feel confident that everybody will like their food.  And that confidence comes from the fact that they really do make their dishes taste real good.


It was Mother's Day when we went there so the restaurant was full.  The good thing was the place was not very noisy.   The restaurant gave complimentary potpourri to the mothers.  It's a plus because they made sure that they made the mothers feel special on that special day.

On one table, somebody was celebrating his birthday and the waiters and waitresses gamely sang Happy Birthday to him.  I am not sure if there was a complimentary cake or ice cream but then the jolly singing is enough to make anyone's birthday more special.

This is probably one of the restaurants that I can give a 5-star rating to when it comes to service.  And do you know that even their waiters and waitresses speak in English almost all the time?  No wonder a lot of foreigners frequent the place.  And not only that, they smile all the time.  I salute the owners for the good training they give their personnel.

With this kind of service, you'd feel like a king or a queen.

Our waitress' name is Robbie and when you go there you'd really be lucky if she'll be the one to serve you.

Barkda Ribs (Half) - Php 270.00
Dover Sole (Half)
- Php 218.00
Coke in Can – Php 45.00
Rice (Unlimited) – Php 25.00

All prices are subjected to 12% EVAT and 10% service charge

The price is a little bit on the expensive side but I think the food is well worth it.

Nyss - I'd DEFINITELY go back for the dessert and other dishes on the menu.
Geus - Love the food and the service, not the price. =)

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