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This blog does not give technical review
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It merely chronicles the dining experience
of two Bacolenos working in Cebu -

Nyss who loves to write and

Geus who loves to take pictures.

Did we mention that we both love to eat?


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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Gaisano Mactan

M.L. Quezon Highway
Pajo, Lapu Lapu City

Lechon Manok
Dokiks Fried Chicken

Nyss 2/5
Geus - 2/5

Our old boarding house was near Andok's in Mabolo so we would often buy Dokik's fried chicken there for dinner.  Sometimes, if we had extra money, we would also buy their Lechon Manok especially before we discovered Sr. Pedro.  When we heard that Andok's is opening their own restaurant, we were dying to see what the place would be like and what the food would taste like.

Geus ordered Bistek Rice.  The serving was small.  Although the dish was cooked only after we ordered it, it smelled like it was cooked the day before.  The dish was very dry and was in dire need of sauce. 

I ordered 2 pieces pork barbeque and rice.  The pork barbeque tasted good but it was not something that you would look forward to eating again. I would like to commend them though for the vinegar sauce they served with the pork barbeque.  It was very good.  It had the right amount of sourness and spiciness.

Andok's is a fast food chain, I really did not expect great service but the cashier took the order fast and without mistake.  It took them a long time for the Bistek Tagalog to be cooked though.

The place is filled with bright yellow tables. off-white couches, and red chairs which would make you feel like you are in Jollibee.  However, even if the place is new, the walls are almost bare and there were not a lot of people around, I didn't feel that the cleanliness of the place is at its best.

The weird thing with our dining experience is the way they price their menu.  Andok's has a Budget Meal but it won't give you any savings at all.  For instance, their budget meal consisting of one cup rice and two pork barbeque costs 48 pesos.  If you buy those items individually, you will also pay 48 pesos.  So what is the use of having a budget meal?  It would be better if they make the budget meal cost 5 pesos more and add iced tea or softdrink to the set.

Bistek Rice Php 65.00
Steamed Rice Php 10.00
Pork Barbeque Php 19.00
C2 350 ml. Php 18.00

Nestea Ice Rush Green Tea Php 19.00

Nyss  I don't want to go back because the chicken in Mang Inasal tastes better and the price there is cheaper.

Geus  Since they are new to the restaurant business, they need to improve a lot in service and other menus.

Posted at 02:15 pm by nyssj
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