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Geus who loves to take pictures.

Did we mention that we both love to eat?


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Friday, September 04, 2009
Makan Asian Hawker's Foods


1st Level, The Walk

Asiatown, IT Park, Lahug

Cebu City

Tel. No.:  231-3800

Asian Fusion
Nyss - 1/5
Geus - 3/5


Every time we eat in a restaurant that serves Thai food, we never fail to order Pad Thai, Bagoong rice, and a curry dish.  This is because we always try to compare our favorite dishes in Lemon Grass to the new restaurant we are dining in.

Makan's Chicken in red curry sauce is under their Signature dishes list.  This dish's spiciness is rated with two chili icons.  We asked the waitress if they can serve it mild but she said they can't.  I would've given the restaurant more points if they can serve the dish the way we want it to be served because for us it means that they are cooking the dish as customers order as opposed to cooking every thing in bulk in the morning then serving them when customers order.  I am not sure though how they cook their dishes and when they cook them so let's give this restaurant the benefit of the doubt when it comes to this point.  The Chicken in red curry sauce was too spicy for my taste that I only ate the chicken without enjoying the sauce.

Their Pad Thai is different from the Pad Thai's we've eaten because it did not use peanut sauce.  Instead, tamarind-chili sauce was used.  However, I could not taste the tamarind's sourness or the chili's spiciness that it felt like eating an ordinary noodle dish with beansprouts.

"Pad Thai Stir fried noodles with minced pork, shrimps, and beansprouts seasoned with tamarind-chili flavored sauce"

Their Thai Bagoong Rice though was just right for my taste.  It was not too oily or too flavorful.  I've always wanted my bagoong rice cooked in such a way that it won't drown out the flavor of the accompanying dishes and Makan's is successful in doing this.

"Khao Pad Kapi (Thai Bagoong Rice) Thai Rice flavored with shrimp paste and topped with stewed pork, scrambled egg, and green mango salad."

The Mango-Banana Shake would've have been better had it been more sweet and the Buko-Lychee Slush would've have been better had they used more lychees.


We had our dinner at around 9 o' clock in the evening so there were not a lot of patrons around.  Our food was served fast and the waitress assigned to us was very efficient and friendly. 

Makan's decoration does not really channel an Asian vibe.  It looks like it's a "drinking" place rather than an Asian restaurant.  Maybe this is because they cater more to the "drinking" crowd but it would've been nice if the  decorations are less dark.

Our dining experience would've been ordinary had it not been for the one small cockroach that was roaming around our table.  I wasn't able to get a picture because the tiny cockroach was too fast but seeing that really lessened my appetite and it did lessen the points I am going to give this restaurant.  Seeing cockroaches in restaurants is really a no-no and the management should do something about the cleanliness of the place.

Khao Phad Kapi (Bagoong Rice) PHP 190.00

Chicken in Red Curry Sauce PHP 195.00

Pad Thai PHP 155.00

Mango-Banana Shake PHP 55.00

Buko-Lychee Slush PHP 45.00

Nyss - I probably will not go back unless someone tells me that the restaurant fumigated the place or did general-cleaning.
Geus - I like their food! But i agree, a little improvement on their place is needed.


Posted at 11:32 am by nyssj
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