gemma » what time does co jordan open??
sheng » hey until what time open ang co.jordan??
sheng » hi good eve
Loriecel Pareņas » 4KSIT
Eric » wat ime mag close ang co jordan?
mund » unsay peak hours if sat or sunday?
mund » unsay peak hours if sat or sunday?
lyn » well go there today
shen » cabn i have a contact number of kaona grill?
shen » open tomorow?
shen » are you open tomorow?
wilson » Naka try namu sa choi city?
cylas » are you open on october 31?
cindy » hi
ambersmith978 »
Moda » Moda Magazin
rei » hi..thanx for these helpful information..i have read about this in a newspaper..but the information you got here is way better..i must try..
nyss » thanks kuya, thanks ghe.
dave » pwede pa sali]\
Nyss » thanks kuya ramil and ghe for visiting
Nyss » hi ghe and kuya ramil, thanks for dropping by.
Nyss » hi ghe and kuya ramil, thanks for dropping by.
ghe » Apir mula sa isang payaman!
ramil » may discount card ako dun, just invite me hehe
Nyss » kuya, masyado ata silang mahal. hahaha. sa future siguro, but not in the near future.
ramil » i wish ma feature dito ang sofitel's spiral buffet at harbor view restaurant in the near future hehehe
Nyss » hi jun, thanks for visiting our blog. we will update soonest. we got busy because of our wedding but since that's done, we're back to our Food trips.
Jun » nice blog.. hope I can go to all this places..
Nyss » hi mitch, based on our postings. you may try Cream N' Bake. The food are great and affordable. But make sure to call them first to ask for an updated pricelist.
mitch » hello! such great blog you have here . i would be celebrating my 14th bday next week. asa diay ang nice nga restaurant to celebrate it na affordable? (i wud be using my allowance). tnx!
Nyss » jarms, visit lang. hehehehe. ang imo lang challenge is for you to cook these food dira sa inyo. that is, kung makakita ka ingredients.
jarm » and nyss, this will be my last message because i will not visit kaon ta again...makes me crave for our food back home.. which makes me sad hahahaha.
jarm » almost everyday we dine there, the reason for my gaining pounds. kebab fave ni alvin, and me... just about anything!!
jarm » nyss, this also reminds me a kebab resto sa UP na naging suki rin kami ni alvin.
nyss » hi rocky, thanks for visiting our site. will visit yours too.
rocky » hi ger, bisita nya sa akong blog hehe
nyss » thank you bayen.
bayen » I love this site nyss...great job.. will link it from my blog as well.
nyss » yes. been busy for the past months. we'll try to post more if possible.
George » hey, finally saw your site again. hehe
nyss » hi maki, we are still on the process of uploading new entries. sorry we got busy. more to come promise.
maki » naay taw?
maki » naay taw?
nyss » hi Franzy, yes they have sushi sa tempura japanese grill.
Franzy » hi guys, naa ba sushi sa Tempura Japanese Grill?
nyss » hi jhoan, thank you for visiting our site. we are glad that you found the cream n' bake review. we love that place.
jhoan » hi! thanks kaau sa mga reviews..i was looking mn reviews sa Cream n Bake..gud thing i found ur blog...heehee! i would definitely go there for my bday...hapit nah!! heehee! thank you!♥
nyss » tnanks for dropping by MM. sulat ko liwat in a little while.
MM » Here again hehe!
nyss » new updates coming soon.
test » test
garry » nice... agi langko
kiks » asa pakaon??? gutom ko kaayo!!!
nyss » hi marquez, we will try to blog about that place. i=add na sya namo sa places that we will visit next. thanks for dropping by.
marquez » wala moi blog sa el loco. kanang mexican resto naa sa skyrise it park
nyss » frankoy sige amo na amon kaunan sa sunod. ano nga food imo ma-recommend?
kokoi » wla lng.. dugay na ko wla kadrop by.. teh amo lng na ah... try nyo bala kanyoen.. sa sarossa hotel dapit.. namit to food nla.. affordable man.. japanese food...
nyss » hi MyMaria, thanks for dropping by our site.
MyMaria » wonderful site u guys have here! very informative ^_^
geus » btw, entry for Tongs has been updated with correct Address and Tel No.
geus » nerissa, here is the # of tongs. 2337858. Thanks to cils.
nyss » hi sorry we don't have the number of tongs as of the moment but their address is: Across Sarrosa Hotel Mabolo Cebu
nerissa » hellpp...unsay no. sa tongs tawn hehehe
nerissa » unsay no. sa tongs?
nerissa » hello
nerissa » do you know the telephone no. of tongs?
wing » andama inyung pagkaon ky maabot c do0d$
warren » ugma mangadto mi!
cilisti » try Angelina Pizza and Pasta along Banilad road. I almost forgot my boyfriend's name when i tasted their seafood rissotto. I can't remember the italian name of the dish though
nyss » hi tata, sure, we'll go there next time coz it's geus' turn to pay. hehehe. thanks again.
tata » *add on your list =)
tata » *add on your list =)
tata » hi nyss! 'thought u have closed this site hehehehe anyway, ass on ur list HOLA ESPAņOL its along maria luisa road near our office food is palatable and kinda expensive but its worth it!!!
nyss » thanks for the suggestion tata. we'll add that to our list of restos to go to. hi jane and josh, thanks again for the tips. hi xtin, we will start including the contact numbers in our next entries.
geus » @aphrodite: casa verde=253.8234
aphrodite » whats the landline of casa verde?
aphrodite » whats the landline of casa verde?
geus » @xtin: i'll post the nos. of tongs and cream n bake next time.
geus » @xtin: yep, lami pud ang casa verde. but wla na daw sila katong flower vase ice tea.
geus » @ tata: hi tata thanks sa mga tips. we'll try to visit those places @janeandjosh: asa na and 'l'alimento č squisito'! ? thanks pud sa tips. try ko visit those also.
xtin » unsai number sa tongs filipino restaurant & sa cream n bake?????
xtin » unsai number sa tongs filipino restaurant & sa cream n bake?????
xtin » casa verde is d best
tata » we love this site sweet (jane) paila ra gyud nga kuma (kumakaunay) *wink
janeandjosh » Hi Tata 'Nitz'! Hi Miss Fay! Nice site! Enjoy d food and enjoy eating guyz! Namit gid ya!
janeandjosh » Hello everyone! Kadto pud mo sa Cebu Italian Connection sa mai Ranudo St., lapit lang sa mai Velez Hospital. Mmmmm, my wife & i go there for special dinners and some quiet time all to ourselves!
janeandjosh » Oh and did i mention that the food is 'l'alimento č squisito'!
tata » try sad ninyo STK TA BAI somewhere in orchid st., near chong hua, carlitos way in a.s fortuna (their bir eye steak are big and very affordable)
tata » hi everyone! love this blog... love to eat too!! =)
nyss » hi eric, hi koi, thanks for passing by.
koi » hi nyss, pabay i lng da ang mga suyaan ah... mdunlan tani na sya... hehe...
Eric » wow.....maayo jud ni dah...
nyss » hi don, thanks for dropping by.
donner » labay lang ko ah.
nyss » hi faye, thanks for dropping by. i've dropped by your blog also and looked at the recipe. =)
faye » hi! i just received a comment on my website of the same name with a link to this...just wanted to say hi
dan » DO NOT VOTE for any of the senatoriables if you are even just abit unsure about them
geus » to all food lovers. thanks for dropping by.
nyss » gusto, you should really try cream n' bake, i love it there. We'll try Isla Foods and George(sp?) next time. thanks for the tip.
gusto! » Thisblog is enlightening. I'll tempted to try cream n bake. have you tried Isla foods (near the road going to Marco Polo) or Geroge (try their Mexican Salad!)